ATV Swim Spas

Aquatic Training Vessels

for fitness and recreation

ATV-14 Sport

Professional swim training and conditioning or rehab in a compact size (14 foot long).

ATV-14 Splash

Enjoyable swimming and fitness with enough room to party. For the water enthusiast who wants a less intense (mild) swim, stretch, soak, or splash.

ATV-17 Kona

World-class swim training and conditioning for the ultimate challenge. Featuring exclusive Whitewater-4™ jets provide a wall of water to maximize your swim pace options and workout rigor.

ATV-17 Sport

Professional swim training and conditioning for vigorous workouts. This 17-foot long spa is larger and more versatile than the ATV-14 Sport model.

V150P Swim Spa / Party Vessel

Huge (10-person) party spa combining the features of a hot tub and swim spa in one. Features massage seats with world-class hydrotherapy and lots of other whistles and bells.

V150W Hybrid Swim & Workout Vessel

It’s the personal aquatic multi-use gym you’ve always wanted, with ample space to cycle, jog, row, swim, workout or just play around. Perfect for any age and fitness level. 

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