About Us

Spas By The Bay

is the Monterey Peninsula’s premier source for hot tubs, swim spas, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, patio furniture, accessories, supplies, and more. We install and service what we sell.

With 45 years of experience helping customers make sound choices, we’re keeping good old-fashioned local customer service alive!

Meet our Team

Bill Sullivan: Owner & Operator

Bill has been in the hot tub industry since way back in 1979. After gaining experience in the field, he ventured out on his own in 1984, starting a small spa servicing business based out of his garage.

During those years of service calls, Bill noticed a pattern: certain brands failed consistently while other brands were consistently well-built. Bill became familiar with Hot Spring Spas and their well-deserved reputation for quality and long life. (He also became acquainted with some not-so-great brands which shall remain unnamed here!).

Bill’s business has morphed and grown since then. And he moved its location a handful of times within the Monterey Bay area. 

After carrying a few other brands in his showrooms over the years, Bill decided to only sell the very best. So he’s designated Spas by the Bay as an exclusive Hot Spring Spas® dealer. He also carries the incredible Endless Pools line of swim spas for home fitness. Bill and his team strive to provide the Monterey Bay with a caliber of customer service equal to the product’s unsurpassed quality.

In 2020, Spas By The Bay joined forces with Monterey Stove & Hot Tub to offer a huge selection of fireplaces and stoves along with the spas, all under one roof next to the Monterey Fairgrounds. Outdoor Kitchens and Teak Patio Furniture have been added to the offerings as well, making Spas By The Bay the largest leisure and wellness emporium on the Central Coast!   

On a personal note, Bill has a robust sense of humor (as you can tell from the fun vintage commercial below). Not only is Bill an all around stand-up guy, he also plays stand-up bass in a number of local ensembles.

We’re back in Monterey these days! Right across from the Monterey Fairgrounds at 2090 N. Fremont Street

Shane Dallmann: Office Manager

A resident of the Central Coast for over thirty years, Shane manages our spa service and installation scheduling, inventory control, invoicing, bookkeeping, parts orders and more. His diverse background in magazine writing, film history, public speaking, acting, and puzzle solving may seem an unusual fit for such a position, but Shane draws from all of these experiences to ensure that our shelves are full, that our service calendar is arranged to its full potential, and that, if there’s ever a discrepancy to be resolved, it will be taken care of as efficiently and professionally as possible. 

Joe Worthington: Sales Consultant

Joe helps customers find the perfect spa to suit any need or budget, and makes sure everything goes smoothly from shopping to installation, water care and beyond. He’s been an invaluable member of our sales team for nearly 10 years. Joe is also our resident expert in beautiful Teak Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture, as he personally manages the imports from sustainable Indonesian sources.  

Monica Leonard: Sales Consultant

Monica has been with us for a number of years now, starting out at the former Monterey Stove and Hot Tub store in Sand City. Her sunny demeanor, attention to detail, and “can do” attitude make her an irreplaceable member of our showroom team. Monica assists customers in the process of finding the perfect hot tub, fireplace, or outdoor kitchen, from initial inquiry through installation and maintenance.   

Albert Valdez: Sales Consultant

Albert is a key member of our stove and fireplace team. He provides excellent customer service and really knows his products well. Albert has been with us for many years, beginning at the former Monterey Stove and Hot Tub store in Sand City. Whatever question you may have about fireplaces, Albert can answer it. Go ahead, just try and stump him!

Oscar Flores: Delivery Foreman

Oscar has been with us for over 10 years and has successfully completed a number of very tricky hot tub installations, as you can imagine with some of the hilly terrain in our area! He serves as our delivery and installation foreman, as well as our go-to guy for a wide variety of tasks in and out of the showroom. You may meet Oscar on the delivery crew when your new spa arrives.

Pat Foster: Fireplace Technician

Pat is our fireplace service technician who literally keeps the home fires burning! He provides excellent customer service on-site, performing maintenance, cleaning, estimates, and repairs on a wide variety of fireplaces and stoves. 

Another fun vintage commercial:

We’re back in Monterey these days! Right across from the Monterey Fairgrounds at 2090 N. Fremont Street